Hokey Religions and Ancient Weapons

Welcome to Pirillo Vlog 380, where nobody puts nerdy in a corner! I’ve got two words for you:


Star Wars CoffeeOh, give me a break. I just woke up! You know what’s worse than waking up at 7:30 in the morning for an 8:00 appointment? When that 8:00 appointment is an hour late. Next time, I should read my coffee grounds (as some people read tea leaves) before going to bed in order to know what the future will bring.

Then again, drinking coffee right before bed may be a more telltale sign of trouble than trying to divine my own fortune by modifying the trappings of hokey religions (and ancient weapons).

Please don’t take offense if reading tea leaves or coffee grounds is part of your religion — I’m really not calling it hokey; I’m just reciting hokey movie quotes. I can call Star Wars hokey if I want to — I’m a fan! That’s how these things work, you know?

Some people think that the Pirillo Vlog is hokey, but we’ll show them, won’t we? It likes and shares the vlog we’re in, or else it gets the hose, again!