Did I Just Say Selfie?

Welcome to Pirillo Vlog 379! Click (or tap) the video below to get an eyeful.

What do you call something that’s got six legs and is big enough to frighten dogs, small children, and me? GigANTic. Or maybe TitANTic? GargANTuan? AberrANT?

Fascinations AntWorksI don’t know. I just know that I was talking on the phone in the privacy of my own home, minding my own business, and wasn’t looking for any trouble. I asked it nicely to leave, but it ignored me as if I wasn’t even there. I had to chase it around for a while — it was freakishly fast, like some kind of accelerANT — but I caught up, eventually. And then I got rid of it. How, you may ask?

Don’t worry. That’s not importANT.

Suffice it to say that it won’t be coming around anymore. In fact, it cAN’T. It’s gone off to live on a farm upstate. An ANT farm, perhaps? Perhaps.

This ANTecdote was brought to you by the letter A and the number 5 — because I’m pretty sure that’s about how long (in feet) the creepy critter was.

Like and share this video if you wANT — that is, as long as you’re not bugged by all this talk of ANTs! Tomorrow, we’ll talk about something else.

Are you shivering with ANT…icipation?