How New is New Orleans?

“In 1814, we took a little trip along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip…” — The Battle of New Orleans, Jimmy Driftwood

Welcome to Pirillo Vlog 366: going strong for over a year, now! In this edition, I leave the Old West for the New Orleans. I’ve learned that I can fly across a continent just fine, but get me in a taxi with an awful cab driver and I’ll want to hurl all over the fine Corinthian leather on which I’m seated. Bleh.

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3 thoughts on “How New is New Orleans?”

  1. Chris, are you still in New Orleans? I’m a cabbie here who would enjoy chauffeuring you around the city. Politely and safely!

      1. No problem, dude! Just keep in mind, whenever you’re down this way, try to stick with United Cabs. The locals will tell you the same thing. Now, if it was a United Cab that gave you bad service, I’d like to know about it. Hope the rest of your visit was awesome!

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