Alive on the Other Side

Pirillo Vlog 352 is here and I had to take coffee away from Wicket. What should we do with the postcards you all send? My wife is the bravest and most awesome woman I know.

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One thought on “Alive on the Other Side”

  1. To Diana
    5 yrs ago I had a mental breakdown. Anxiety was just one of the things gone wrong in my head. Even after drastically changing my lifestyle for the better to avoid relying on medication, it was not enough. Then I found a great temporary soother, Music. I always loved music both listening and singing. I relised it help me escape the weight/darkness and noise in my mind. Diana I want you to find an Activity/Art/Sport that makes you escape your heavy mind. Something you already love. I wish you all the best, I already know you will get better soon.

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