The Electric Company

If you wanted a break from the everyday Pirillo Vlog experience, then you should definitely check out this one. The elder Pirillos are in town, and we go on a road trip a bit north to Colophon Cafe — a restaurant that someone on the plane told my mom “not to miss.”

We have places to eat that are quite a bit closer, but what the heck? It’s good to break free of the routine every now and again. Plus, Mom said. I obey.

On the way, we geek out a bit on the history of the area and of electric gadgets from before the turn of the last century all the way up to now! The SPARK Museum of Electrical Invention in Bellingham, WA is like hanging out in a mad scientist’s living room.

And that’s awesome!

  • THRILL to my dad telling us how he used to charge the neighborhood kids a nickel to watch the test pattern on the family television set with a screen barely bigger than a modern iPhone’s!
  • SNICKER at Diana asking me if electrical gadgets made of wood were common back in my day!
  • MARVEL at Diana being struck by lightning while protected by a Faraday cage!
  • CHEER at how great everything looks when wearing beer goggles!
  • SWEAT while descending on an old-timey escalator!

It’s not exactly like the family vacations we used to take when I was a kid. This time, I get to pull over and tell my parents not to “make me come back there” when they’re acting up.