Meet the Parents (Again!)

If you’ve been following this vlog for a while, you’ve no doubt seen my parents before. Still, it’s always a treat to have them here in Seattle with us, and if you’ve not had the pleasure of “meeting” them virtually already, then you’re in for a treat!

Joe and Judy Pirillo, Seattle and the Pirillo Vlog community welcome you!

Joe Pirillo (I get to call him “Dad” for short) does his own vlog, Joe Time, even when he’s not visiting. Judy Pirillo (I get to call her “Mom” for short) makes frequent appearances there as well. I know quite a lot of people who don’t have such tech-savvy parents; I’m truly lucky.

Then again, if my parents weren’t wise in the ways of tech, then I’d feel a little bit like I’d failed them — and, by extension, the world at large. The Internet’s a better place with them as part of the community; let’s count our blessings: we’re all truly lucky.