If We Can Vlog, So Can You!

Thanks, everybody, for your undying support! Thanks for sharing what we share with you. I think this year is the perfect year to kick off something like VloggerFair. It is happening, you’ve seen the venue, and you’ve heard me talk about it.

Yes, there are other YouTube events, but no event, I think, is going to be as affordable!

The idea of connecting with others who enjoy this form of expression — vlogging — whether you vlog from nowhere but your home, a room in your house, your car, wherever the day takes you, cross-country road trips, or whatever — seems to be universally appealing. As you see in these vlogs, we get postcards (via snail mail, no less!) from people all over the world who express their support of what we’re doing and encourage us to keep doing it. We get emails from people who tell us that they’ve begun to vlog because they were inspired by our vlogs.

Hey, after all, if even we can do it, why can’t you?

It took Diana ages to get comfortable in front of a camera. For a long time while we were dating, she preferred to stay off camera completely. Eventually, she emerged from her shell (beginning with baby steps — like speaking without being seen), and then she finally let me show her off to the world, and there’s been no turning back.

In fact, doing this vlog was her idea. That’s quite a turnaround from being a shy video wallflower to a broadcasting juggernaut who’s now on camera almost every single day of the year!

Do you vlog? If not, why not? Either way, there must be something about vlogging that appeals to you, or you wouldn’t be here! Let’s talk about it in the comments below. Better yet, come to VloggerFair and we’ll talk about it in person!