Are We There Yet?

“Good company in a journey makes the way to seem the shorter.” — Izaak Walton, The Compleat Angler, 1653

Car trips — even the ones you make every day — are always better with good company, don’t you think? And I can think of no better company than Diana! (No offense to anyone who’s made car trips with me who doesn’t happen to be Diana. I’m sure I enjoyed our trip, too! Just in a… different way. Good save?)

Great things about traveling with Diana:

  • Diana doesn’t ask “are we there yet?” every 15 seconds.
  • Diana always has spare sunglasses in case of emergency (fashion-related or otherwise).
  • Diana leaves the singing to me.
  • Diana doesn’t shy away from snagging deals on donuts whether advertised by roadside sign or storefront window.
  • Diana encourages my mustache cultivation by sporting her own temporary, hot-chocolate-spawned mustache.
  • Diana entertains with her usual assortment of “Diana Facts.”
  • Diana is an excellent navigator.

The list would be longer, but I really shouldn’t be typing this while I drive…

I’m kidding! Kidding. Diana wouldn’t let me text and drive. I wouldn’t let myself text and drive. Safety first! So what makes for an ideal travel partner when you’re on the road? Compatible musical taste? Good conversation? A sharp eye for bargains en route? Leave a comment; let’s share!