Chocolate Strawberry Fields Forever

Chelsea from Shameless Cones writes:

My husband told me about poor Pixie. If she needs a cone for more than a week, please email me your address, and we will send you one of our Pixie-sized, Sunflower Shameless Cones, gratis.

And then they sent us one! Doesn’t Pixie look lovely as a sunflower? Make no mistake, though: she still smells like dog.

Thanks, Chelsea and Benjamin from Shameless Cones!

If you had to wear a cone — shameless or otherwise — what design would you want on it? Sunflower? Planetary rings? Shuriken points? Rainbows? Sun rays? Octopus tentacles? Sea urchin spines? Polka dots? Plaid? 8 Ball?

Better not tell you now.