Our Kids Will Be Ninjas

“An iPod Ninja is like an iPod Nano, except it’s a million times thinner, it has awesome vid capabilities… and it’s a useable shuriken.” — Ninja, Question 10: Ninja Metal, Ask a Ninja

“Our kids will be ninjas.” — Diana Pirillo, Pirillo Vlog 290 — Our Kids Will Be Ninjas

Are people born ninjas, or is that something that can be learned? It’s the old “nature vs. nurture” argument with a ninja twist, I suppose.

Whatever the case may be, Diana is convinced that our kids will be ninjas. I’m not sure if she’s planning on sending them off to a special ninja school, if she knows a corner dojo that trains on the sly, or if she figures they’ll just be born leaping from the womb, alert and ready to take on all challengers, but she states their ninja status as fact.

What do you think? Are ninjas born or trained? Or a little of both? Are you a ninja? Would we be able to spot you in a crowd? Would we be able to spot you at all?

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