A Doctor Kind of Day

Sparky? Barky? Call me what you like, as long as it’s not late for dinner.

Diana was trying to get me to invent my own pet name, but I don’t think it works like that. I’m pretty sure that colleagues or friends have to come up with something that defines your character, usually derived from an embarrassing faux pas on your part. You can’t will a good nom de plume; you just have to get lucky. George Costanza never got to be called “T-Bone.” Howard Wolowitz had to settle for “Froot Loops.” And, if Diana has her evil way, I’ll probably be known as “Barky.”

It’s not always a fair world.

In this vlog, you get to meet Robert DeMoulin from Wondershare. He tells us about how his company is offering free software for educators and schools — if you want to find out more, drop him a line: [email protected]

Also, the Pirillos’ wardrobe was once again provided by the fine folks at Static Stuff. From the Punisher to Big Bang Theory, they’ve got us covered. Literally.