I Formatted the Footage

You ever do something terrible? Something from which you can never recover? I did. I erased time. I accidentally formatted the footage from earlier in the day for this vlog, so now I’m having a do-over.

At least I had a few extra guys left on my quarter. (You know, like when you’re at the arcade? No? Bueller? Bueller?)

But it gave me time to reflect on the meaning of time and space and… why scofflaw road ragers feel the need to ride my back bumper when I’m obeying the speed limit. (Sadly, that doesn’t seem to be a question that will ever be answered.) Just go around, jerkoroni!

Hmmm… jerkoroni? Is it beef jerky made from pepperoni? Is it macaroni made from beef jerky? In either case, please send some, pronto!

Also: how do you pronounce the word “banal?”

One thought on “I Formatted the Footage”

  1. Chris you forgot Spammeroni!… You, just talking about what happened with your vlog footage and your questions in regards to blogging is a good Vlog to me. Bahnaul not baynal, Toemahtoe or toematoe… eh.

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