I Won the Super Bowl

Whoah! Did you catch the big game? The one where the guys wearing jerseys of one color went and bumped into a bunch of guys who were wearing other colors? An oddly shaped ball was involved (I think) to some degree; sometimes it was kicked, but often it was dropped, thrown back and forth, and carried briskly from one end of the field to the other.

Most of the time seemed to be spent getting the oppositely jerseyed fellows into place while a couple of loud guys talked about it, interspersed with occasional fits of action that would last for a few seconds until the aforementioned fellows knocked each other down. Then, the process would repeat itself.

“Fascinating,” Spock might have said if he weren’t busy with science officer type stuff. It’s time-consuming, you know? And, as we’ve established before when trying to pay attention to something while trying to do something else that’s ultimately more constructive, ain’t nobody got time for that.

I declared myself the winner of the Super Bowl when I decided to stop watching and go do something else that pertained more to my interests. The end!