Pixie Wears the Cone of Shame

While Diana and I have been playing superhero/supervillain over the past week with the wonderful swag sent to us by Static Stuff, Pixie got stuck playing another kind of character, altogether. Like those denizens of comic book lore who find themselves forced to pursue crime-fighting/causing dictated by destiny rather than their own volition, Pixie walks the planet — at least for a little while — with the Cone of Shame.

Taking her to the emergency vet clinic when I noticed some green goop in her eye, she was diagnosed as having conjunctivitis, with periocular swelling, and an irregular stain uptake that may indicate an indolent ulcer in her eye. It may not be as serious as it sounds, but she’s going to be sporting this cone for the next week or so (it prevents her from scratching her eye further).

Okay, okay. Maybe we shouldn’t call it the Cone of Shame. Perhaps the Cone of Concern? The Cone of Healing? The Cone of Eternal Awesomeness?

Oh! Diana’s off to seek the Cone of Ice Cream. I think I’ll join her…