Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

“That’s what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older; they stay the same age.” — Matthew McConaughey as David Wooderson, Dazed and Confused, 1993

What’s anybody got time for these days? David Wooderson doesn’t have time to check IDs when he’s trying to pick up a hot date. Sweet Brown certainly doesn’t have time for that. Diana still doesn’t have time for the SPAM I’ve been going on and on about for the past couple of days. China doesn’t have the time to seek copyright permission from Blizzard, so it just bootlegs an entire World of Warcraft theme park. And I don’t have the time (or the sobriety) to drive in the later part of this vlog. Don’t drink and drive, kids! Wait… don’t drink, kids!

That’s what I meant.

And a special thanks to Chris from Static Stuff for sending me a bunch of cool superhero/villain hoodies and various wearables to round out my collection! Watch the vlog and marvel over the fine assortment — it’s just a small taste of what’s available there.