We Are Totally Lamer

After going on and on about the awesomeness of SPAM (again, the fine Hormel product and not the email nuisance of the lowercase kind) yesterday, I decided to crack open the can of SPAM with Bacon that my parents sent me and cook it up. Diana is hesitant to partake of the deliciousness because I think she finds the concept gross, but how is this particular meat conglomerate foodstuff any different from ground beef or hot dogs?

Ah, this SPAM jelly that popped out of the can with the giant lump of can-pressed meat may have just reinforced Diana’s verdict of “gross.” Well, whatever. I’ll just wipe away the SPAM snot, slice the meat lump up, and fry ‘er up in a pan. We’ll forget how conceptually gross it is when we snack upon the reality of its deliciousness!

In other news, the local LEGO store is expanding at a rapid rate! Is it a coincidence that it’s next to what I like to call “the pregnancy store?”