Cough Wars

We do like coffee. We don’t like coughing. But what do we have in surplus at the moment? Well, between the two of us, we’ve got at least twice as much coughing going on as we do coffee.

And too much coughing will put us in coffins. Then again, some medical experts say that too much coffee will, as well.

Then, of course, there are other medical experts who say that coffee in moderate amounts actually has certain health benefits. Who are we to believe?

I’d let you guess, but our daily consumption of the fragrant bean juice as captured on camera may be too much of a giveaway.

In other news, Diana looks like a sleestack with her sunglasses — and it’s only because she doesn’t know what that means that I’m not getting a slee-smackdown!

One thought on “Cough Wars”

  1. Chris: (1) SHARE the cough medicine or you will end up with more than a cough to worry about
    (2) Don’t worry about the coffee, unless its Vietnamese and consumed continuously. Even Starbucks or French espresso does not have that much caffeine in it.
    (3)But don’t eat a whole container of No_Doze; straight caffeine, unlike coffee, is easy to over-consume to the point you will WISH you were dead and in that sense caffeine is far and away the most dangerous mind altering drug I have ever heard of*, even strychnine isn’t anywhere near as unpleasant. (It’s around 150 shots of espresso to get to Heaven, a similar number of No_Doze, but its a lot easier to swallow the contents of a family size pill bottle than it is to drink a gallon and a half of coffee, liquor, or really almost any beverage I can think of…

    * have way more experience with such drugs than I wanted, particularly in hospitals, and probably more than I would care to admit to as well.

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