Diana Lays an Egg

What came first: The chicken noodle soup or the egg? Diana is betting on the egg. She’s been trying to lay an egg all afternoon, but I told her that simply laying one on my plate would suffice just fine. And if she wanted to lay some hot sauce on top of that egg, I’d be even more supportive of her efforts! She agreed. All’s well.

Did you know that you could win $50,000 for developing a breakout idea based on the Campbell’s Kitchen API (application programming interface) that helps people decide what’s for dinner tonight? You’ve got until February 1st to submit a good idea to the folks who decide exactly what a good idea might be.

Guess what? Campbell’s is letting me be one of those folks! Go to www.hackthekitchen.com and you’ll see that I’m one of the judges for this thing. Pretty neat, hmm?

I’m being paid in soup, so I take a nice, warm bath in chicken noodles every night before bed. They say it’s good for the body as well as the soul. Diana’s annoyed about me getting noodles in the bed afterward, but the dogs seem to enjoy following me around the house more. I think it’s healthier than Diana’s remedy of garlic juice, which only makes my cough worse. After trying things her way, I’ve decided to go back to my own damned remedy.

Me? I’m feeling souper. Thanks for asking!