I Found the Droid You’re Looking For

You’d think that a hoodie printed with the facsimile of R2-D2 could withstand scorching deserts like Tattooine, icy plains like Hoth, swampy bogs like Dagobah, majestic forests like the second moon of Endor, climate-controlled comfort zones like the Death Star, and pretty much any environment — abrasive or accomodating — but it just doesn’t seem to be the case in my experience.

Sure, wearing a Star Wars-related hoodie may make me feel cool on the inside, but it should also make me feel warm on the outside. Otherwise, it’s just… a heavy t-shirt.

Anyway, since I haven’t been able to rely on droids of late, I figured I’d throw this question out to the human community: If I were to put together a group deals website — where, every day, we could post one or more super bargains (possibly even exclusives) on hardware, gadgets, software, and geekier things — what should I call it?

Some of the ideas so far:

I like LockerDeals.

Asim Mohammed:

Geek Deals


Luis Ramirez:
Diana’s Deals!

Adam B:
Fear the gigantic fork

What say you?

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