Will Vlog for Likes

You know how when you’ve been sick for a while and just starting to feel a little better makes you believe that you can do almost anything? Well, I might not be there quite yet, but some NyQuil-induced slumber and electrolyte replenishment seems to have done wonders for my voice and my attitude about the world.

Diana has discovered that being sick on her real birthday gets her multiple sympathy cakes on her do-over birthday. Is that fair to all of the people in the world who go through their birthdays perfectly healthily? Maybe she’s making up for it by not being comfortable with wearing sunglasses over her real glasses, which she’s wearing in place of her usual contact lenses because she has a headache.

Yeah, life’s pretty rough here at Pirillo Central. But we live! After all of this cake puts us into a food coma and we sleep for another 12 hours…