Diana’s Official Birthday

As you’ll see, the pineapple upside-down cake from the last episode of the vlog was just the tip of the birthday iceberg for Diana. Her own special holiday saw us leaving Las Vegas (not in a Nicolas Cage kind of way, thank goodness), though not in as timely a fashion as anticipated since we overslept and missed our flight!

As they say, waking up is hard to do. Do they say that? Well, in any case, I say that. Especially when you’ve been meandering about Las Vegas and navigating through crowds of people for several days in a row. Exhaustion? We’ve got it, and by the plenty.

But Alaska Airlines was kind enough to book us on the next flight out for a reasonable fee, so we did eventually make it home (sweet home). I think the dogs are glad to have us back, we’re glad to have them back, and… oh, man. Sleep never felt so good! I think Diana’s going to get a do-over on the birthday since we’re so tuckered out and functionally nonfunctioning.