I Eat My LEGO Bricks

We’ve met so many awesome people in Las Vegas for CES 2013 (thanks again for sending us here, AMD) that it’s a little overwhelming — in a good way, of course!

Sherpa Lance’s Mom made scrumptious treats for Diana and me — a pineapple upside-down cake for her (in celebration of her birthday), and a big box of LEGO bricks made from white chocolate with my name on it! Even the box is (well, was, before it was devoured into my hungry maw) made of chocolate!

Luckily for you, she can make this kind of stuff for other people, too! If you’ve got a sweet tooth or like to give gifts to people who do, check out Pam’s Custom Creations online. She’s based in Las Vegas, but she ships globally. Nope, I didn’t get paid a dime to mention that. We just got our tummies filled with sweets and she’s earned our everlasting gratitude!