Great Fans Meet and Meat Us

CES 2013, if you’ve been following along with our coverage, was a blast. But now I feel like a scaly lizardman with sandpaper skin and a raspy voice because of Las Vegas’ dry air and teeming convention cooties that seek refuge in tech pundits and lookie-loos, alike.

We ran into old pals like Lamarr Wilson (who generously credits me with the reason that he’s on YouTube, even though we all know it was just a matter of time with or without my help — he’s a freakin’ natural!) and Marques Brownlee, and new pals, like Joseph and Tanisha from Gigaventure. And then there was Jessica and her boyfriend, who know me well enough to realize that I’d forever be grateful for the personal delivery of a whole stick of meat (Jessica was also responsible for sending me a couple of million-dollar bills, as you may remember from a previous vlog). We even got racecar driver and palindrome enthusiast Nelson Piquet, Jr. to say hello!