Viva CES

Las Vegas is a land of myriad oddities. It’s got soap with nipples. Pirates with microphones. Buffalo chickens. Hotel labyrinths. Life-sized replicas of famous world landmarks. Corn-fed and edible Iowans (of the cow-flavored variety). The list could go on for miles, but I’m going to cut it short here and just let you watch some of what we encountered this time around in the vlog:

And, though the surrounding landscape bears more than a slight resemblance to the moon, I think the air may be even a little drier than what can be found on our nearby lunar neighbor. I’m using Diana’s eye drops to keep my peepers moist, but it burns us! It burns us! She jokingly said that she replaced the fluid with lemon juice, but I think she’s joking…

Let’s not even talk about all the walking you do in this town. As long as you’ve got comfortable shoes, though, you should be golden.