Viva Las Vegas: CES 2013 Edition

CES 2013, here we come! Well, came. By the time you see this, we’ll have already been there for a few days. Talking to the future is always a trip, man. Viva Las Vegas!

This time around, we’ve got our very own sherpa to guide us over, under, around, and betwixt the bright lights of the Strip, and his name is Lance. It may seem like such an extravagance isn’t as crucial for navigating Las Vegas as, say, climbing Everest, but you never know. The moment you think that you don’t need a sherpa is when you find yourself in danger and wondering why on Earth you left him back at base camp with hot cocoa and a confident “I got this, bro.”

You know how there are corpses of people who didn’t quite make it to the summit of Everest frozen on the way as a warning to those who foolishly forsake the guidance of cautious, experienced sherpas? I suspect that Vegas has similarly lost souls haunting the pawn shops, alleyways, and cheap motels of the Strip as a warning to those who experience the city too intimately without a safety net.

Lance is our safety net. He’s got this, bro.