A Muppet of a Man

Randy Ganacias is a local Gnomie who got his Kickstarter project — a smartphone-bracing gadget called the MilliMount — funded recently. That’s a pretty big step for anyone trying to chart a business course, and I’m more than a little proud of him. Because he is a Gnomie, he reached out for my advice before getting the MilliMount to the Kickstarter stage, and I was glad to help.

To extend the Pirillo family’s humble support of Randy’s endeavors, Muppet Chris Pirillo agreed to assist with one of his projects.

Actually, Muppet Pirillo didn’t really have a choice; he’s a puppet without constitutionally guaranteed rights! Was it wrong for me to indenture Muppet Pirillo to Randy like a branded unit of barnyard chattel? Maybe. But I also trust that Randy doesn’t have any nefarious purposes in mind for my little friend, so I refuse to feel bad about the situation no matter what any of you might say about it!