Diana Nails Me

You dared me, and I did it! Reviews of The Drive are mixed.

Oliver Kite:
With this bold and exciting video, I believe Chris has pushed the boundaries of what is possible in this medium. In this video, I feel Chris has made a great leap into the avant garde and expressed something truly profound about the nature of humanity. I can’t help but draw parallels between this video and John Cale’s groundbreaking musical composition entitled 4’33”, in which the orchestra is instructed not to play a sound during the whole duration of the piece. Bravo, Chris! True artistry!

Watching you drive for 20 minutes isn’t interesting, Chris. I thought “the drive” would actually show the road and where you are going rather than the side of the road and you. This is so boring that it’s past boring. I fell asleep after a few minutes. Then I skipped through it to see if it was the same angle all the way through. Surely you thought of that, Chris?

I worked it out. It made me think I was in MI5 watching a suspect on the secret mini-cam hidden in their car. Made me appreciate that the life of a spy isn’t all vodka-based cocktails and blazer watches…

He said if we dared him, he would post this as a video — which we did. And here it is.

Scott Jetton:
Loved it! Mountains and the trees and snow… wow. I want move up there and drive to work; seeing that would be nice! Thanks, Chris!

40 minutes a day for coffee? Nuts. Probably more since you didn’t start at your house and didn’t include time for waiting in line, paying, waiting for your order, or the time to get ready to leave the house. So say an hour. I suppose you stop at the PO box, also. If you added up all the hard costs (gas, car lease, nc health insurance, and coffee) plus your soft costs (hourly rate), those are some crazy expensive cups of crack caffeine! Glad I hate the stuff.

That was oddly relaxing. I watched the entire thing thinking that you might say something… anything. Ah, well!

Jake Root:
The way Chris leaves his Prius near the end just screams to me that he’s about to rob a bank. No BS: just gets out, dead silent, slams the door, and the silence the whole way to the bank he was contemplating his life so far and how things are going to change. Best part is, you can see what looks like him putting a gun into his pocket as he gets out. I don’t know why I’m thinking all of this.

How many yeti do you see on a daily basis during the drive?

If Andy Warhol had done this, everyone would have loved it! But if you didn’t like it, maybe you’d like to see the vlog that surrounded the events of The Drive so that you can put it all in context. Here it is! Enjoy!

And to answer loopba’s question: Five. I see five yeti per drive, on average. Only around these parts, we call ’em sasquatch!