Diana Calls and Immediately Hangs Up

The running refrigerator has been caught, and Prince Albert has been let out of his can.

Remember when prank phone calls were a thing? From the famous Tube Bar recordings of the ’70s (that were the inspiration behind Bart’s perpetual harassment of Moe the bartender on The Simpsons) to Jerry Lewis to The Jerky Boys to Tom Mabe to Crank Yankers to The Rubberbandits, prank calls were just about almost a thriving industry. Alas, it seems that communications technology like caller ID has caught up and relegated this era of tom-foolery to the dustbin of history — at least by the use of the simple telephone. VoIP options currently keep the truly dedicated in business, but I can’t see this lasting for much longer.

Luckily, “Weird Al” Yankovic paid homage to the prank phone call before it disappeared from our collective consciousness in his parody of TLC’s Waterfalls, called Phony Calls.

Diana, as it turns out, briefly tried her hand at being a phone prankster, but she hung up as soon as she got an answer. Did the person so slighted do the old star 69 trick to return the call? You’ll just have to watch the vlog to find out!