Diana Dreams

They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night. — Edgar Allan Poe, Eleonora

Having the time to take a nap during the day is sometimes a rare treat when you’re as busy as we are, but I wholeheartedly recommend doing it once in a while if you can.

It’s quite possible that Diana’s going to kill me when she sees that I’ve captured her “dreamface” on camera, so if I disappear suddenly, never to be seen again, you’ll know why! A lot of people don’t like to have their pictures taken when they’re asleep; maybe it makes them feel vulnerable. That’s not my aim here — and I’ll have cleared sharing such footage before it’s seen by anyone, so don’t go thinking I would do it without Diana’s permission. I respect her far too much and I value my own life to cross such lines!

Have you ever had someone take a picture of you while you’re asleep? Does it make you feel uncomfortable, or is it just like any other candid shot that might find its way to being viewed by others?

Here, on New Year’s Eve, some of you may pass out in public and semi-public places where cameras are available on smartphones and other devices more than ever. Other people who may encounter you in such a compromising position may not be as respectful of your wishes to remain unseen. In short: drink responsibly and sleep carefully!

Or you can just avoid such potential misadventures by joining me live tonight for the annual Subservient Chris New Year’s Eve Party! Bring your friends. We’ll ring in 2013 together, and I can do all of that embarrassing stuff (by request) so that you don’t have to. Everybody wins!