Merry Christmas, Everyone!

‘Lest anyone say that we’re being too PC (politically correct, that is. Not personal computer, as you might usually expect from regularly tuning in to my usual content) by saying “happy holidays!” to include all of them that fall during this month, today actually is Christmas, and we wish you a merry one!

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, but Diana just tore into hers without respecting the one-at-a-time rule. But since she can handle all of the resulting excitement from getting a bunch of stuff at once, we’ll let her slide. When trying to decide on stocking stuffer ideas for women, you might take some lessons from this video in what, in effect, turns out to be quite a Christmas haul. Diana found out that she had an almost unlimited license to Stila (that’s a line of beauty products, if you’re clueless like I used to be).

What kinds of things do you like in your stocking stuffers? And do you enjoy unstuffing the stocking bit by bit, or do you just dump the whole thing out on the floor at once like a certain Diana we know (and love)? Please leave a comment and share!

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