More Tired Than Hungry

Remember how I was just saying that I needed a man purseEuropean hand bag… satchel in the vlog the other day? Praise be to Parallels (the company that lets you run Windows on your Mac — here’s $10 off if you’re interested) for sending me just that very thing!

What will I store in said satchel? All sorts of things can go in there. Keys. My wallet. Beef jerky. My iPhone. A Six Million Dollar Man action figure. A cookie for Diana. A stack of Instagram postcards sent by our kind vlog viewers. Hobbit LEGO minifigs. Scotch tape for wrapping presents. Nunchucks for defending myself when bullies try to steal my Chewbacca hoodie. Bottled water. Random charging cables. Packets of hot sauce. Napkins. A first aid kit. Extra batteries. Maybe even some mischief, if there’s room left over.

The satchel is my oyster!

Now to deal with a Diana who’s so tired from her trip to Texas that she’d rather sleep than eat. Hey, there’s a first time for everything!