She Bangs

Sometimes, giving yourself a haircut isn’t the best idea. Most of us learn this around age five when we get our fingers around our first pair of safety scissors (the specially crafted lefty variety if you happen to be a southpaw), whereby an episode of self-barberism concludes with a stern lecture (or worse) from the household elders and confinement to quarters until the next birthday or school year — whichever comes last.

Diana, on the other hand? Well, she never learned this lesson — and I say “huzzah!” because she just cut her own bangs and they look… well, they look bangin’! Kind of a brave thing to do, especially since she’s not had bangs since she was a kid and just decided, on the fly, that this would be her new look. What if she hadn’t liked the results? What if she’d lopped off more than she intended? Just as you can’t unsee something horrible, you can’t uncut hair!

But she forged courageously forward, consequences be damned, and the results are superb — don’t you think?