Cloud Collaboration is the Future

Let’s face it: the world of business is changing at an accelerated rate. Every day, more and more companies are turning away from integrated local IT solutions in favor of cloud-based alternatives that are managed and supported by a team of individuals focused almost exclusively on keeping your business’ cloud services up and ready when you need them.

There’s a lot of time and expense involved with setting up internal systems for email, chat, document collaboration, and ad hoc audio conferencing. The expense of staffing alone to set up and manage these systems is often unpredictable as it becomes a part of your overall company footprint rather than a predictable operational cost.

So why should your company consider going with CDW Cloud Collaboration as its productivity and communications platform of choice? To start, CDW has a long history of supporting businesses and a stellar reputation for quality and reliability that stretches back long before most companies even knew what the Internet was. It’s currently one of the largest service and solution providers in the world, with over 4,000 Cisco Unified Communication deployments over the past decade alone.


Enter CDW Cloud Collaboration, an industry-leading solution to bringing Unified Communications together with productivity on a platform that offers the freedom and reliability of the cloud. Utilizing a Cisco Unified Computing system throughout its impressive >485,000 square foot secured data center in Chicago, CDW takes on all the hassle and management of your company’s communications and productivity systems. Tier 4 CDW’s data center is secured with 24/7 security personnel and a two-factor authentication system for access (keycard and biometrics). In fact, CDW’s primary data center is currently the eighth largest in the world with thousands of clients ranging from small businesses to giant enterprises being served around the clock.

For those of you familiar with server hardware, CDW Cloud Collaboration is hosted on Tier III-IV (Type 2 SSAE 16 SOC 1) hardware. You certainly won’t have any problems with computational lag slowing you down when you need to get things done.

Software Solutions

CDW offers a series of packages designed to fit a variety of business needs. Its pay-as-you-go model allows for flexibility as your company’s needs change. You can buy in to a package that includes some of the more popular services with the option of expanding your package to include things like voicemail messaging, video conferencing, Webex conferencing, and more. A Premium account extends your service to include up to 10 devices per user and mobile access through iOS, Android, and Nokia platforms.

See the CDW’s Solutions blog for more — the service built on a partnership with Cisco Unified Communications in order to deliver world-class support and performance at a price that doesn’t break a company’s budget. These cloud-based solutions are fully managed and configured to meet the specific needs of your company.

In a world where as many as 75% of corporate employees work away from headquarters, bringing your business to the cloud just makes sense. Imagine the difficulty involved with setting up a locally managed solution that delivers instant access to your business’ data to employees anywhere around the world. It’s no small task, and that time can be better spent by your IT department doing what it needs to do to make sure the rest of your business operations run smoothly.

After all, isn’t it time that fiscal responsibility meant not having to compromise on productivity? If your company isn’t on the cloud yet, now is a great time to look into a solution built from the ground up to save your company money and scale as it grows.

CDW is a current advertiser on my blog. All opinions are mine.