The Wreath of Khan

It seems like most of the month of December is filled up with adding holiday decorations here and there (until Christmas Day in our house, anyway); will most of January be spent taking them down little by little? I suppose we could just leave ’em up until next year rolls around again — it always happens sooner than we think, anyway. I somehow suspect that our neighbors wouldn’t appreciate such an extension of the most wonderful time of the year, though. Bah, humbug.

David Banther kindly supplied Diana and me with a fancy wreath to hang by our front door. I’m not sure if it will attract carolers, vagabonds, or local wildlife, but it sure is a pretty thing. If only I could stop the ghost of Ricardo Montalbán from trying to steal it every time my back is turned. Last time I checked, he wasn’t in the lineup of apparitions who traditionally visit during any version of A Christmas Carol that I’ve ever seen.


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