Driving the AT-AT is Hard Work

Helmets off to those Hoth-invading Imperials; driving an AT-AT isn’t as easy as it looks — especially when you’re wearing mittens to fend off the bitter cold that seeps into the control room regardless of how many space heaters you have cranking at full blast. The handling is all over the barren landscape because the roads have been snowed in for centuries, and trying to find a gas station in that part of the Galaxy is next to impossible. But what’s even harder is knowing how to say “AT-AT.” Do you say ay-tee ay-tee, or… AT AT?

On top of these problems, you’ve got to worry about the rebel scum flying around you like a pesky swarm of insects and trying to tangle up your AT-AT’s legs as if you were some big, tripping, slapstick joke in a Three Stooges bit. Sure, you’ll take a few of ’em down with you, but trying to explain to the Darth on the deck of the star destroyer in orbit miles above you how you managed to badly dent up yet another AT-AT isn’t the most fun situation in which to find yourself.

I’m told that he doesn’t tolerate failure.

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