My Other Car is a Reindeer

I shouldn’t let it get me down, but c’mon, fellow motorists. When you drive a guy in a Santa hat to the brink of what Diana calls “road rage,” then I recommend that you check yourself (lest you wreck yourself). I want to be in the holiday spirit. I want to spread joy and happiness across the Pacific Northwest and wherever my four hybrid wheels may carry me. I want to be your friend. So why do some of you do your best to frustrate my efforts? Are you some kind of mobile Grinch gang? A Scrooge syndicate, perhaps? You seem to be everywhere, I do declare!

In a more perfect world, I could complete my Santa persona and soar high above the heavens in a reindeer-drawn sled and drop toys and gadgets on the nice while trying my best to understand the naughty so that they might be counted among the nice of next year.

Remember, traffic scofflaws: I know when you are sleeping. I know when you’re awake. I know when you’ve been driving like a maniac, so slow down, for goodness’ sakes!