Diana Scares Me (Again)

El miedo tiene muchos ojos. (Fear has many eyes.) — Miguel de Cervantes

I’m not so much afraid of Diana as I am afraid of her jumping out at me randomly when I least expect it. Living with her is a little bit like taking up residence in a community center haunted house around Halloween. She’s fleet of foot and stealthy, like a ninja, so she can spring upon me without warning at pretty much any time she finds it most amusing.

Sure, she acts like it’s an accident whenever it happens and coddles me with affectionate hugs, but I still have my suspicions. Does she startle by design like a crafty spider in search of prey, or does she legitimately not mean to make my heart leap out of my chest by surprising me around dark corners? I may never know. But if you suddenly don’t get any blog updates one of these days — or you get a vlog that’s disturbingly devoid of my presence and completely narrated by Diana — please send a search party, post haste!

One thought on “Diana Scares Me (Again)”

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