A Present That Keeps Giving

I just drank $50 worth of Starbucks coffee, and boy, is my bladder tired.

Not really. But I really did get a $50 Starbucks card from the good David Banther, which Diana and I will use (with much gratefulness) over the next… however long it takes to run out! But if you wonder what you could do with a whole $50 card from Starbucks, you should consider starting a new neighborhood at Nextdoor. What’s Nextdoor, you may ask?

According to the site:

Nextdoor is the private social network for your neighborhood. It’s the easiest way for you and your neighbors — and only you and your neighbors — to talk online and make all of your lives better in the real world. And it’s free. If you successfully launch a new neighborhood, you’ll get a $50 Starbucks card to share with your neighbors!

Or you could just hog all to yourself, but that’s not very neighborly, nor is it in the holiday spirit!