We’ll Have an 8-Bit Christmas

I might be one of the last people you’d expect to be saying this, but sometimes, going to a real brick-and-mortar store for something instead of shopping for it online has its benefits. Clerks can be friendly and knowledgeable and able to tip you off on things that you might not otherwise have known about.

Today, for instance, I saw an ad in the Sunday circular for a sale on batteries at a local store. So I went on down, picked up a giant bundle of ’em, and the clerk gave me a coupon that saved me even more money!

What did I get with this extra savings? Well, I don’t want to spoil the surprise in case you haven’t watched the vlog yet, but it’s very shiny stuff that I hope Diana likes.

There are other fun surprises in the vlog that I don’t want to spoil — isn’t that all part of the fun around the holidays? Hmm?