This Year’s Christmas Tree

If you and your family celebrate Christmas, have you decked the halls yet? Is the tree up, with all of its ornaments, tinsel, and lights? And do you get the real, pine-smelling shebang, or do you prefer one that’s artificial and easy to stow away for next year? We went real this year, and once again, Diana seems to be the Christmas tree whisperer.

It’s like she can spot them from a mile away. Or perhaps it is they who beckon to her. “Pick me! Pick me!” they seem to say. “We want to spend the rest of the holiday season in your house and not out on this cold lot among countless strangers.” Imagining such a scenario, who wouldn’t want to take them all home?

3 thoughts on “This Year’s Christmas Tree”

  1. The fog on the ground at the tree lot is nice. When you go to places like this are you required to ask permission to vlog/record?

  2. We picked up a 8.5ft tree this weekend. It’s the first time we purchased a tree at a big box retailer. In South Florida we have slim pickins when it comes to trees, most of those tents that appear for the holidays are really expensive.

  3. It’s disgusting. You had better film your fucking her to make it interesting until somebody help you with that.

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