I Get Paid to Talk

In this vlog, Diana and I depart from our local airport (viva Sea-Tac!) so that I can go talk to people in a remote location far from home. But it’s not so far away from LockerGnome team member Craighton Miller, who kindly picked us up upon arrival and drove us around his town.

So, as it turns out, I get paid for some of these speaking engagements, but we don’t pay Diana to talk if it entails making up “Would You Rather?” questions in the airport during breakfast. Watch the vlog and you’ll know what I’m talking about (and then you’ll wish you hadn’t). Also, we get to see Diana interact with her evil twin — or is it her good twin? In any case, one of ’em steals an apple from a basket that may or may not have been a holiday decoration in a semi-public place. Just like Eve in the Garden of Eden. Don’t worry — she doesn’t even offer me a bite.