Diana Gets a Bad Christmas Present

“If you’re going to dress like a Wookiee, then you’re going to get treated like a Wookiee,” said Diana as she sprinkled me from furry head to fuzzy toe with carpet freshener (incidentally, one of her worst Christmas presents, ever).

But I do have to say that no other sentient being in the Galaxy — mammalian or otherwise — smells as wonderful as I do right now. Since Diana has to live with me, maybe the carpet freshener actually wound up being one of her best presents, ever? Maybe? Wicket and Pixie seem to really like me now that they see me as more of a kindred spirit than just the guy who gives them food. But I think Pixie has taken on the role of the alpha dog in our pack, so I had to sleep at the foot of the bed last night.

It’s a dog’s life, eh?

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