One Nog, Three Chubbies

What rings in the holiday season like egg nog? Nothing, I say! Even if it’s lowfat and booze-free, the distinctive, spicy signature of the flavor is like none other on this big, beautiful planet of ours.

Egg nog is a happy hug to your tummy from the inside. It’s a sweet, creamy coating of coziness and goodwill toward men, women, and dairy products wherever it may be found.

Be careful about your consumption of this, the most pleasing of holiday beverages, however, as an entire glassful can easily vanish in the span of a few blinks of the eye. After that, a half-gallon of the stuff is just as easily packed away. Before you know it, a trip back to the local grocery store is in order. But beware! As many discovered during the Great Egg Nog Famine of ’08, the laws of supply and demand can render your county’s storehouse of egg nog more elusive than Old Saint Nick, himself. Egg nog moderation is important, friends!

Sure, you could always ask the three nutcracker kings to drop some off on the way to their next nativity scene, but they’re pretty busy during the holiday season, as you can well imagine. Just drink egg nog responsibly, be thankful for what you’ve got more than worrying about what you haven’t got, and enjoy!