The iPad mini is Not a Nexus 7

And it doesn’t need to be, either.

I really wish I wasn’t constantly asked to compare the two (which I will do), since each seems to be serving a different type of user. Is one better than the other? Yes.

But not outright.

One is a device that works “well enough” for $200, and the other is a device that works “well enough” at a different level for $329.

Comparing hardware-to-hardware or software-to-software specifications is disingenuous, at best.

One thing to keep in mind with either tablet: we’re no longer living in a world where individual devices are one-offs. A single product is designed to interoperate with others, coupled with a series of supported services.

Which, then, works better within the construct of the other choices you’ve made?

4 thoughts on “The iPad mini is Not a Nexus 7”

  1. The Nexus 7 I think was more intended to compete with other tablets at that price point like the Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet, not with higher end ones like the iPad or iPad mini.

  2. Exactly. Go back to the Windows/Mac wars: Who wanted to learn another operating system and also pay all the software investment again? Least that’s why I wouldn’t change.

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