Google Chrome is a Dog

I love Google Chrome. It’s my default (or go-to) browser on just about any platform. It’s feature-packed and always-up-to-date.

However, that said, it’s a performance dog on damn near every OS. Honestly, how Google could let performance remain on the bottom of the stack for so long is beyond me. Sure, it executes JavaScript quick as lightning, but… let me just tell you where I’m getting ready to drop-kick Google Chrome to the curb.

On OS X, despite both browsers relying on WebKit as the foundation, Safari’s desktop performance blows Chrome out of the water. In Safari, I don’t really have to worry about dropped frames or stuttery / laggy scrolling. Google+ seems to buckle Chrome’s ability to cope – ironic, eh?

Then there’s Android. Why not use Google Chrome there? I mean, it’s Google’s + Google’s – right? I couldn’t stand opening up the browser on my Nexus 7 because it has just been a god-awful experience compared to other tablet platforms which have no issue when it comes to scrolling. There’s nothing smooth about Google Chrome on Android. It’s just as much of a slug on ChromeOS, too.

So, here we have bad performance with Google on Google.

It wasn’t until my community recommended that I try the free Dolphin browser on Android that I really saw just how bad Chrome has been – or, more to the point, just how inconsistent an Android experience can be for a user (and between various apps on the same platform).

In 5 seconds, Dolphin changed my experience with browsing the web on Android – and it puts Chrome’s performance, once again, to shame. If you don’t believe me, download Dolphin for Android and head over to The Verge’s web site. Then, visit the same site from Google Chrome for Android. The difference, I can pretty much assure you, is astounding.

So, uh… what’s up, Google? When you gonna start making this less stuttery on all platforms? I’m begging you. 🙂

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  1. Strange, my experience is the complete opposite. While I have never tried Dolphin, and don’t own an iOS or Android touch-screen device, I’ve found that on both Windows and Mac systems I own Google Chrome outshines any other browser. In Safari – even on my Macbook – I get TONS of dropped frames when scrolling, and the frame rate is even worse when browsing a site that uses jQuery animated elements. It’s insane. I’ve also found Safari to have a LOT less support for colors than even Internet Explorer. That’s just my experience; if I use a mobile device, like an iPhone, I’ll probably try out various browsers before forming an opinion on the overall better browser for me BTW.

    1. Strange that Safare is performing badly on your mac. I agree with Chris on this one. When it comes to performance Chrome is the worst choice.

      1. Yeah, and it could be relative to my Mac, but I do web design on occasion, and use Safari – along with several other browsers – on my Windows machine to test my work, and with HTML 5, colors, java, etc., Safari has the worst performance of them all. It is very “laggy” and drops frames far more than any of the other browsers I use. I’m not going to say it’s the worst browser in the world – it does the job – but on either my Mac or Windows machine, Chrome outperforms Safari substantially.

    2. I think that you answered to yourself at the beginning of the second line of your post. Try an iOS device, and then your experience might change 🙂

  2. Get a better computer or close other programs because chrome is the best browser ever… I’m a web developer and I’ve been working on a HTML5 OS and to date chrome is the only browser that can run it… Safari freezes or lags… Chrome is just more powerful.

  3. I’m with David. My experience with Chrome is the opposite of everything in this article. I use Chrome on my Galaxy SII, MacBook Pro, Win7 desktop, Win7 laptop, and 27″ iMac at work. No where do I ever have an issue with Chrome. I’ve tried Dolphin and while it was a great experience, I’m more comfortable in Chrome. Hate to hear that Chrome sucks so bad for you, but it doesn’t for me one bit.

  4. And for the record – if Chrome is showing inconsistent performance on several devices, then that alone is reason enough to say Chrome needs improvement. It’s not fair to tell someone to change devices because Chrome is superior – it just doesn’t make sense. I doubt Chris’s powerful Mac Pro and OSX are the cause of Chrome’s bad performance. But, for me, Chrome is the best – and I’m always willing to try and switch to new browsers that could potentially beat Chrome. If Chris decides dolphin outperforms Chrome on his devices, then there is no reason to stick with Chrome.

  5. Chris, if your switching from chrome, I recommend x-marks to sync your bookmarks and open tabs, also Dolpin has a plugin for that 🙂

  6. My experiences with Chrome have always been quite the opposite! I’ve used it on many machines and OSes over the years (not, however, OS X, I haven’t had much access to a Mac for many years), and always it just felt much faster and fluid compared to any other browser available. For example, when opening, closing or re-ordering tabs, or pulling them out of the window, Chrome is always much faster to respond and animations much smoother than IE or, the worst at this, Firefox, which lacks any kind of animation at all.

  7. For me the problem with Chrome is not performance, it’s memory! 20 tabs Firefox + plugins = ~700mb | 20 tabs Chrome + plugins = ~4GB. This on Win7 on a pretty decent machine (core i5 16gb RAM). It’s just crazy how much of a memory hog Chrome is; it need 5 times more memory than Firefox for just regular browsing and a few plugins.

  8. Dog? Are you saying it runs around on 4 legs, is loyal and faithful, it protects you, and is your best friend?

    Wouldn’t it make better sense to say it’s a Cat? Pretty much ignores you unless it wants something? Can be all cuddly and friendly one minute and slash your jugular in the next? Is really fast sometimes, but mostly just lazes around looking pompous?

    That’s pretty much the story of all browsers. 😉

  9. I believe we are habit forming creatures but also impatient so browser adoption trends should generally follow those guidelines. If you’ve used Chrome on a laptop or as a logical arm of your gmail you tend to stick with it, which is more that can be said of Firefox of late…

  10. Chrome randomly stutters when switching tabs, and sometimes freezes for about half a second when I switch to it in mavericks. The scrolling performance also really sucks sometimes, and flash will crash on a daily basis. It also stuttered when I was typing my last sentence. The only reason I still use it on every platform is that it has the best extensions, and the syncing between computers is just too handy to live without.

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