I Have a Better Idea for Facebook Promoted Posts

Facebook is suggesting that I can pay it $49 to promote a single post to all the people who have opted-in to liking me there.

Here’s an idea: maybe Facebook can pay me $49 to post there in the first place?

Facebook Promoted Posts

5 thoughts on “I Have a Better Idea for Facebook Promoted Posts”

  1. I am not a huge fan of the “promotions” idea that Facebook and Tumblr have started using. I understand that they are looking to make some money, but there has to be some better way. I would pay a yearly fee for an ad free experience, for instance. Much like I do for Pandora One. Or perhaps a $0.99 mobile app. If it is all about the experience, I think Facebook is beginning to lose my love.

  2. Hang on, $49? Facebook only charges me $7 for the same thing. Maybe that’s because you have a lot more followers, but it certainly seems excessive. Of course I have never used that feature – having my post marked “sponsored” makes me feel like a sellout. If I saw a “sponsored” post from someone, I’d actually be less likely to read it …

  3. I saw somewhere that Facebook is raking in $1million + a day on sponsored posts… now I know why. While it only costs me $7 to sponsor a post I don’t think I’d do it on anything old random post. Maybe a huge announcement like my girlfriend and I getting engaged or something along those lines would be worth sponsoring, but other than that count me out.

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