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  1. Why would a keyboard make any difference, it’s a touch screen device?. they designed the whole operating system for touch!

  2. just treat it like an ipad 1 — it’s their first tablet, maybe nextgen surface will be better but they need to do it soon though.

      1. My iPad 1 is stuck with a non-upgradable iOS version and Apps that were auto-updated to only work on later versions of iOS — guess what? It’s going to be a brick faster than the Surface will ever be.

        1. surface is already a bloated brick lol, imagine it runs windows NT taking the 16 Gb of tablet space, give me a break, when newer version of NT comes out subtract few more GBs from the solid state drive inside and what you are left with ? iPad first gen is way better than surface cuz it just works smoothly and doesn’t have bloated software in it.

  3. it was crappy because you didn’t give it a chance, with or without the touchpad. you refuse to use the surface to its full potential and perpetuate false claims because of your ignorance ie: 3 different areas to update windows, its not, its 2. the store to update downloaded applications and the pc settings from the charms bar to update core content and office. just give up the surface and sell it to me for 300. it needs a better home. i need to replace my 2010 ipad. or put it up as a prize for a contest.

      1. that’s the problem isn’t it. you don’t think its ever an issue with you. you’ve outlined some issues with the surface and i agree with some of that but then you let that taint your general view of the device. you just kind of closed your mind out to it. i’ve heard you say several times already that this is all your opinion and that is all you have, like a disclaimer to not judge you harshly but that’s a cop out. sure, the device doesn’t fit in with your life, that’s fine, its not for you but i would have loved to see you step out of that character (you) and look at it from one who would love the features it brings, features and capabilities not found in any other tablet. you did not showcase the full potential of the device because you personally did not need to utilize said features which i find sad and furthers the perception if bias.

        1. You’re right. I’ve closed my mind to an incomprehensible experience.

          Two browsers, same name, one computer, two experiences, split expectations.
          Totally my fault. I gave up too soon.

          1. Chris, you do make a REALLY good point. Modern UI apps cannot be totally separate from Classic UI apps. IE is IE, the front end may be different but the back end should be the same.

      2. Well the surface is a master peace the only problem is the communication of the software with the hardware, but I believe soon Microsoft will send an update fixing alk that issues and it will beat Apple in every way.

          1. Peacekeeper benchmarks run on the same machine:
            IE10 – 1555
            Chrome – 2653

            You can’t use browser benchmarks to test 2 different pieces of hardware when the browsers themselves contribute so heavily to it.

          2. Okay, watched your latest video, the graphics performance is appalling ๐Ÿ™‚

            Which confuses me, since some more demanding demonstrations (Hydro Thunder being the main one) worked much more smoothly… I guess it’s just quite a lot of software – including stuff MS bundled with it – is just really poorly optimised, which doesn’t bode well for the platform in general if MS struggles to get it right!

          3. Told ya. ๐Ÿ˜‰ It’s not that the perf isn’t potentially good – it’s just not THERE consistently, and it’s certainly not what you should expect from a $500 computer.
            For everyone’s sake, here’s the video in question:

  4. I agree with Chris that the Surface (and Windows 8) has an identify crisis going on. It still has a desktop that is needed until the entire OS configuration is incorporated into a metro-style interface. Also, the duplication of IE in Metro & Desktop mode is confusing. I also found it annoying that I had to use the desktop File Explorer in order to configure Pictures, Music, Videos and Documents to access network shares. The fundamental issue is that MS hasn’t fully finished baking all of the OS functionality into the Metro interface. I also think some of the performance issues Chris experienced were due to the device doing other things in the background (like downloading updates). Still, even with all of that said the device does work. I personally think the device is well suited for students that WANT a tablet but NEED a laptop with Office productivity applications. I suspect MS will continue to incorporate more of the OS functionality that’s currently under Desktop into the metro interface, but that’ll take time given the complexity of the OS. Oh, and did Chris notice that the device quickly identifies network printers and automatically installs drivers? That’s a nice touch that I didn’t see him mention.

  5. You obviously don’t understand what Microsoft is doing. They are ACTUALLY trying to make the Surface as strong as a computer, unlike Apple who make a IPod with a screen 20 times larger and call it a tablet even though it has crappy specs. Surface beats iPad hands down and you can’t say the iPad has better specs.

      1. If you think specs are irrelevant then why do you spend extra money on memory, graphics, etc.? Besides, I understand you disliking Windows RT, just like a old man dislikes smartphones. The thing is the new generation probably loves this operating system just because it’s something different. That’s where Apple is going to lose sales, to the new generation, because they lack the change in their operating systems.

        1. Surface has some impressive hardware specs… but that doesn’t mean that it is going to out-perform the iPad in anything it does. Hardware specs fall short when it is the software’s job to utilize them properly and it the software just fails to do so. Windows RT could just be unpolished, or perhaps it was a bad gamble. Either way, it spells doom for Surface, and perhaps other Windows tablets, if the problems aren’t fixed.

        2. You really think new generation will love falling frame rates ? And will new generation love old windows on a tablet that works like you are emulating windows software on a Apple iMac G5. What is that crazy thing doing on a tablet I wonder.

  6. I thought tablets were meant for portability and that was achieved by removing a physical keyboard, and now I need a physical keyboard for better experience on a tablet? Give me a break.

  7. Personally, I use a BT keyboard when I need to type up something lengthy, but generally use the onscreen keyboard for most things. You should never “need” a keyboard for a portable device of this nature, and I fail to see how a keyboard would have made your experience with the Surface RT any better. The keyboard is supposed to magically make the UI duality disappear? Is it supposed to make the frame drop issues go away? That sounds pretty ridiculous to me.

  8. whoever told you that is lying or a fanboy. Microsoft didnt think so because if they think you need a keyboard to fully experience Surface RT then they would include it in ALL their offering. If microsoft ever said that you need keyboard to fully experince SurfaceRT, then they are selling people ahort ie lied to all those people who bought SurfaceRT non bundled with keyboard..

    so its either microsoft lied or microsoft forcing you to buy keyboard..

    in my opinion, a Tablet should be judged by touch interface only and not with this “sometimes Touch works , sometimes you need keyboard/trackpad” ideology at microsoft. I agree with most tech pundits who said microsoft is confused on surfaceRT’s identity. BTW the surfaceRT office experience is a joke with touch interface, unlike iOS’s Pages and Numbers both are easier to use in touch OS.

  9. Chris likes to use ‘cut the rope’ game as a metric to show the surface’s poor performance. Yes, the surface is not the fastest on the market but that game in no way shows real world performance. I’ve linked a video to someone doing a proper review (there are many others on youtube, and no, not all are positive, but at last the give it an honest review) He has the surface beside a samsung series 7 tablet sporting an i5 and intel hd 3000 graphics. Same graphical issue when you hold and swing it side to side. If anything, its something the developers of that game have to fix. No, i’m not saying the surface is as fast as the new ipad, it definitely is not, however i am saying that its not as bad a chris makes it out to be. I’ve asked the same reviewer in the video to see if he can cripple the surface by loading a bunch of apps and tabs in the browser, looking forward to that test.

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