BiasedJust because I don’t think everything is awesome doesn’t mean I’m “biased.” What I have is a different set of standards and expectations than any one of you — and when we agree on something, it’s fine. But when I see something differently than you do, understand that I am not you (nor do I want to be you because I’m quite happy with me).

You must give me credit for trying, thinking through benefits and drawbacks, and presenting my perspective (which is the only thing I have). There are very few people who choose to try new things, but even when they do, they can only base their new experiences on their old experiences. If their old experiences were better for them, the new experience is going to pale by comparison for them as well. And vice versa.

“Biased” merely means you’re… human.

11 thoughts on “Biased”

  1. Chris, you’re a legend, I really appreciate your non biased views on different technologies, and you’ve made me see that being fixated on one particular brand is so wrong. I’ve changed my views a lot since watching your youtube videos, and even though I’m a long time iPhone user, with an iPad and a macbook pro, I’m loving Windows 8, really loving it. Thanks for everything you do, and the investment in your time and money to bring your informative videos to us.

  2. You didn’t know what Wishbone was, I obviously can’t trust your judgement on the latest tech.

  3. You wrote an article about not being biased and then conclude that everyone is biased? You know what, I think that’s the only sensible conclusion. 🙂

    I think in order to show no bias at all, there needs to be no emotional attachment to the subject at hand.This for you is obviously an impossibility, you’ve created yourself a career that ensures you are surrounded by technological gadgetry because that’s what you care about.

    I am not saying you are horribly biased, but admitting that some bias is natural like you did here is a healthy approach.Well done, I think most reviewers should be so honest.

  4. Chris, Your thoughtful insight on things is of a great help when it comes to making technology decisions. I would much rather pay attention to someone with a bit of clout than a man on the street when it comes to device purchase decisions. Keep up the good work!

  5. everyone has a bias. but your problem is in your tone, arrogance and poor choice of words, which comes across as very bent or leaning in a certain way. one can try to be as neutral as possible and there are methods and skills that can be employed but sadly you lack the hmmm… knowledge in this area. its obvious through all the years that i’ve casually watched your videos that you did lean a certain way and you still do albeit more hidden. it was blatant in the beginning but you’ve slowly tried to push an image that you are unbiased and have an open mind to every piece of technology but i’m not convinced. thanks for the reviews though, keep it up but lose the ‘fakeness,’ it does you no favours.

    1. I’m not going to accuse Chris of anything other than saying that sometimes I don’t agree with his opinions. But that is normal.

      You do make a good point on tone. Tone is important, it conveys emotion and emotion can in fact change meaning.

  6. Chris, thank you for your insight. It’s because of you I became a geek in the first place. I learned a lot when you hosted Call4Help, and your passion for all things geek helped me to accept my inner geek. Being the loner home-schooler I was at age 12, I didn’t have mcuh anyone to relate to. Thankfully, you’ve developed and have helped bring pride to label “geek.” Point being, if it wasn’t for you, I probably wouldn’t be a geek – or even making music – if you didn’t exist. Your individuality is something to be appreciated. You bring a unique perspective to the table, and perspective is important; it’s important that as a community of geeks we understand each other’s needs and differences, and that just because a product or service you don’t prefer suits someone else best doesn’t mean they should be cast out or put down. If you want to share something in common with someone, it should be the mutual understanding and respect of each other’s differences.

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