Life is Artsy Fartsy

CanvasPop did a really nice job of creating an art-quality print on canvas from an Instagram photo that was taken of Diana and me by documentary director Eliot Rausch (you can see the documentary he did of us for T-Mobile if you’re so inclined. I think it turned out rather nice, if I do say so myself).

If you’re impressed by the quality of this picture that we’ve now got hanging on our wall and you want to take advantage of a deal I negotiated with the fine folks at CanvasPop, you can get $30 off of any purchase of $100 or more by visiting You don’t even have to tell ’em that Chris sent you, because the magical Internet link thingie will tip them off.

But if you want to pretend like you’re visiting a speakeasy like some ne’er-do-well scofflaw in an episode of Boardwalk Empire, you can tell ’em, anyway. Be my guest!

On another subject of perplexment, do you think that Mike Anderson (who makes a cameo appearance in this video) is correct in his assessment that I’m “like a geeky Kim Kardashian?”


Life is Artsy Fartsy