I Feel SCSI Again

SCSI (for Small Computer System Interface), pronounced “scuzzy” (pre-dating USB as the hardware go-between of choice), isn’t something you hear much about these days. So when I was in an Apple Store and a guy asked the employee on hand if they had a SCSI adapter, I was amused. But I was even more amused when the Apple employee said back to him, with a completely straight face, “I’ve never heard of that.”

Isn’t it crazy how a technology that was the standard for decades — and something I remember growing up with — has now been relinquished to footnote status in a matter of a few short years? Don’t worry, kids. The technology you’re growing up with now will someday be the same. And then you’ll feel old. Trust me.

Chris Feels SCSI Again

8 thoughts on “I Feel SCSI Again”

  1. years ago i used scsi for both hard drives and peripherals. I remember spending like £400 on just a scsi controller. but nowadays i don’t use any scsi. it’s sad that simple and still utilized technology, isn’t educated too staff in such a field of retail.

  2. Oh gosh I remember saving up for a scsi adapter for a zip drive….as fantastic as all this modern technology is…nothing is satisfying as bobbing a zip disk in a drive…

  3. There are still a lot of businesses that are using SCSI. SCSI was the drive interface of choice for large enterprise network storage and all the early data centers. SCSI which originally required specialized types of cabling and connectors evolved into SCSI Fiber Channel and ISCSI which transmits data over Ethernet cables. In short SCSI ain’t dead yet

  4. The thing that makes this funnier is that SCSI isn’t just an old standard technology … it was *the* standard for Macs all the way down to the iMac. Thanks to that, I actually was able to set up SCSI stuff, as I already knew how it worked. I still have a SCSI2 PCI card around here, one that used to be inside a Performa…

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